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Update on Summer Six-Pack

29 Jun

I have to be honest and say that I never really got inspired by my summer six-pack.  Not that I’m not using the pieces, just that they don’t work together as I had planned.  I didn’t finish, but this is what I made:

Katherine Tilton Jacket (Vogue 8654)

I took this picture when I was still trying to decide on the buttons, so they are just taped in place.  I really love this jacket, and will probably make another one, especially for winter.  It may be a little too hot for summer, since it really needs to be fully buttoned to look good.

I made the smallest size, and still had to take in the shoulders.  I used Ann Rowley’s narrow shoulder adjustment (see the link at right).  Here is what it looked like on this pattern:

This is the back adjustment.

You mark about two inches in from the shoulder edge, and about one inch below the armscye, draw the lines, cut, and move the pattern toward the center as far as you want to narrow the shoulders, truing the side seam.  I narrowed the shoulder by one inch, but next time I will go 1 1/2 to 2 inches.

Here is the front adjustment.

For this adjustment, you start about 2 inches from the shoulder edge, draw a line along the grain line to the armscye notch, and then to the seam line.  Cut the line all the way to the seam line, and then cut from the armscye to the notch, but not through it, creating a hinge.  Move the shoulder over the same distance as the back.  If you are going to do this, please read Ann’s instructions, as they are much more detailed.  This adjustment narrows the shoulders without altering the width of the underarm – great for narrow-shouldered, busty women.

Another project from the six-pack was Vogue 8397, View C (Marcy Tilton) and The Sewing Workshop Now top, made as a jacket (no buttons):

Both of these pieces are made from an Italian cotton I got from Marcy Tilton.  The fabric is gorgeous, it just doesn’t show in this picture.  It is very light and airy, and doesn’t wrinkle much for cotton.  I really love the pants.  They are so comfortable and cute, I think.  However, this is my second Now shirt, and definitely my last.  I really don’t like how it fits around the shoulders.  It’s a little bit of a drop sleeve, which is never good on my body.

The final piece in what is actually a 4-pack, is this Vogue 8582 (Marcy Tilton)top:

I love this top and think I will make it again and again (at least until tunics become obsolete).  It is flattering and comfortable.  I’m going to make it in a turtleneck for fall/winter, and wear with slimmer pants.

Now that I finally have all the supplies (had to order some cording online), I’m going to finish Elisha’s dress. More on that later.

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