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New Ikina Jacket

12 Apr

I have longed to sew one of The Sewing Workshop’s jackets, but the small voice that always warns me of impending sewing doom has been screaming, “Don’t do it, Janis!  It’s going to be too much fabric for you.  You’ll look like Mini-Me in a cape.” As always, I ignored the voice and sewed the Ikina.   Here is The Sewing Workshop’s version of the Ikina Jacket:

I left out the side facings, which I thought would be enough fabric reduction.  Everything was going swimmingly until I put the sleeves on.  The sleeves on the Ikina (and many of the drop shoulder designs) are very wide, so there’s a lot of fabric going on around the arms.  I didn’t like the look on me, so I decided to take the sleeves to an above-the-shoulder length.

After I got the sleeves on, I thought it looked pretty good.  I put the unfinished jacket on and put the collar band around my neck, to see how it would look after I attached it.  I didn’t like the look, so I reduced the width to 1 3/4 inch – just enough to make a 1/2 inch binding and two 5/8 inch seams.  I attached it following the instructions, but instead of slip-stitching it in place on the wrong side, I stitched in the ditch. Here is the finished jacket:

I think I am going to put a tuck or pleat with a button on each sleeve.  I’ll post another picture when I do. As I look at the picture, I can see that I payed no attention whatsoever to the stripes down the front.  I don’t have much experience with prints, because I don’t wear them often.  I could never have matched the stripes exactly, because they are irregular.  But, I could have at least placed the same color going down the center front.  Oh well…lesson learned.  I think I need to start an index card file for lessons learned.

This fabric was difficult to work with.  It wanted to slip and slide all over the place.  It is a  semi-sheer crinkle, and I forgot what the content was. I knew it was washable, but more than that was lost in the great cavern formerly known as my brain.  When I was ironing the darts in the back, I scorched a big hole on one side. I had to cut the back in half and add a center back seam, since I didn’t have enough fabric to make a whole new back.

Two lessons learned: 1) Start some sort of organization system for the stash, with fabric content included, and 2) Always test-iron a small piece of fabric before ironing the main pieces.  That, or start the iron on low and gradually increase the temperature.

I like the fact that I don’t look like I’m drowning in fabric.  I’ll probably try this again.  Now off to organize that stash!

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