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My Karma’s Not So Great Right Now

25 Feb

My recovery from bunion surgery has been mostly unremarkable.  It took longer to recover than I thought, but that’s not because the doctor didn’t warn me.  I just chose to ignore everything he said about a time frame, and decided that I could heal faster than most.  That attitude is one that I have had over the years, and it is usually a double-edged sword.  It’s great to have a good attitude about healing, but not if you have a tendency to overdo.

Right before my sister’s illness, I was at home one night looking on the internet for ways to heal my foot faster.  I know, that sounds nutty in retrospect, but that’s what I was doing.  I read that you have to exercise the foot a certain way if you want to get full range of motion back.  So I proceeded to exercise my foot as instructed.  Of course, being me, I thought if I exercised it once, fifty times would work better.

That night, I had terrible shooting pains in my foot and ankle, and over the next few days, as it got worse, I thought I should probably call the doctor.  That’s when I got the call about my sister and I was on a plane to Georgia.

I won’t go into the gory details, but my foot continued to deteriorate while I was in Georgia. When I got back, I made an appointment to see my doctor.  Sure enough, I have a ruptured tendon that is going to require surgery to correct.

I can handle the surgery, but what I’m in a twit about is the fact that I will have a cast on my leg…AGAIN…for 4 weeks, then a boot…AGAIN…for another 4 weeks.

My karma’s not so great right now…ya think?



Uh, Oh, It’s Sew Expo Time

22 Feb

With everything that has been going on in my life, I didn’t realize how close the Puyallup Sew Expo is.  It starts a week from Wednesday or Thursday.  I’m not going until Saturday, but still, there’s not a lot of time left.  I wanted to sew a few “outfits” to wear, but I’m not sure how much I’m going to get done.  My plan is to make these Vogue 8712, Marcy Tilton pants.

I’m sewing the large picture view, which is longer (the model is tall) than it looks in the picture. I cut out a size 8, and added 1.5 inches to the crotch, which (so far) is the only adjustment I am making.  I’m using a brown ponte knit from Marcy Tilton.  It’s pretty beefy, which I like in a knit for pants.

To go with these pants, I’m using this fabric from Emma One Sock

to make this Pamela’s Patterns cardigan.

The fabric is a thick, double-sided knit.  One side is a copper metallic, and the other side is brown.  It is gorgeous!

I’ll need to do a narrow shoulder adjustment, but other than that, this cardi should be a breeze.  I hope to get these two easy pieces done by Expo.

I’m taking two Marcy and Katherine Tilton classes.  One is “The Artsy T”.  Lord knows I need all the help I can get in the “artsy” department. I can’t remember what the other class is, but I’m sure it will be great.

I’m also very excited about a Babylock Serger class I’m taking. Basically, all I do with my serger is overlock seam edges.  My Imagine does so many things that I’ve never done.  I’m hoping to come away a serger whiz.

I plan to hook up with some Stitcher’s Guild friends at Expo this year. Folks are coming all the way from Australia!

Saying Good-Bye

20 Feb

What a crazy four months it’s been!  First of all, I had surgery on November 4th.  Silly me, I thought that because I was having surgery on my left foot, I would still be able to sew.  Not so much!  I had a full cast on my leg, and had to keep it elevated.  It was difficult getting around on crutches, and I soon realized that sewing is about more than just sitting at the sewing machine. Needless to say, all my great plans for a winter wardrobe flew out the window.  My foot is getting better…still not 100 percent, but better.

Then my sewing buddy, Gayle Saylor, also known as stashpanache on many sewing and knitting sites, passed away after a long battle with cancer.  She was a favorite of so many on Stitchers Guild because she cultivated and cherished the friends she made there.  She was always a positive presence on the site, and never failed to give an encouraging comment to brighten someone’s day. Gayle and I purchased our dress forms on the same day and had planned on helping one another fit the forms to our bodies.  She was waiting for me to get better, so we could make a day of it.  Sadly, she passed before we had the chance.  Rest in peace, lovely lady.

Finally, my sister had congestive heart failure right after Gayle died.  I flew to Savannah, where she was in CCU at St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital.  She had been on a respirator, but by the time I got there, she was breathing on her own.  For a few days, she looked like she might recover. Unfortunately, she took a turn for the worse and we transferred her to Hospice Savannah to live out her last week on this earth.  She died peacefully, surrounded by her loved ones, on Friday, February 18th.  I love you and miss you, Sis.

I’m going to spend the next few days recovering, then I’ll be ready to sew again.  I did make this Marcy Tilton jacket for the Stitcher’s Guild JAM (jacket-a-month):


I’m working on a pair of slim jeans in a brown denim.  I’d like to get some things done for the Puyallup Sewing Expo in March, but that date is creeping up on me.  We’ll see how it goes.

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