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Out of Print Vintage Vogue 2884

20 Oct

I was six years old in 1954 – a long time ago.  I never thought I would want to go back to that era’s style, but when I saw this jacket, I just had to sew it.  Of course it was out of print, so there goes $25.00.  I’m glad I purchased it, though, because it made a wonderful jacket that I’m sure I’ll wear a lot.  Here is my version:

Buttoned Up




This is my first “advanced” pattern, and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.

I had two big challenges.  One was learning how to make bound buttonholes.  I must have ripped the buttonholes out at least five times each before I got the hang of it.  Lesson learned:  make a few practice buttonholes before you attempt to forge right into your final piece.  What was I thinking?  It turned out well, anyway, and I now know how to make a bound buttonhole.

The second big challenge was straightening out a rather crooked and ripply hemline after I topstitched it.  I owe a rather large piece of chocolate to my wonderful sewing instructor, Marla Kazell, for getting me through this part (and all parts, really).  The main thing that Marla has taught me is how to “feel” the fabric until you determine where it doesn’t feel right so that you can adjust.  Marla is known by her students for having “magic fingers”.  I’m hoping some of her magic will rub off on me.

The fabric is a gorgeous piece of navy camelhair that I purchased on sale for $9.99/yard from FabricMart.  I lined it with a rather abstract print silk charmeuse.

I’m pretty sure I’ll make this jacket again someday.  It really is a timeless piece, and it went together very well.

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