Chado Ralph Rucci and Marcy Tilton?

24 Oct

My next project is a Marcy Tilton jacket and Chado Ralph Rucci pants. It seems like an unlikely pairing, but in my mind it works because of the proportions.

The Chado Ralph Rucci pants, Vogue1215, are slim, which I have been looking for.  Slim pants are going to be tricky, because I don’t want to look like a lollipop on a stick, a mushroom, or any other top-heavy shape you can come up with.  I want to look like the svelte model in the picture below:

That will only happen in my parallel universe, where all things are skinny and beautiful (hopefully, y’all know I’m teasing – I’m pretty comfortable in this old body).  I love the shape of these pants, though: not too tight, a bit flowy and feminine – just perfect.

I am pairing these pants with the new Marcy Tilton jacket, Vogue 8693:

I love the drape of this jacket – casual, but elegant at the same time.  This is a similar silhouette to Vogue 8582:

This pattern has become a TNT for me.  I’ve made it up in long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, scoop neck, and turtle neck.  I like that the narrowest point is just above the waist, which is my narrowest point.  Here is a picture of last top I made out of a rayon/lycra knit:

I realize that the top and the jacket are different in many ways, as well.  For one thing, the jacket looks like it has lots of ease.  That, or the jacket on both models is too big.  I will have to be careful of that, perhaps using the smallest size and adjusting from there.  However, because of the “wings”, there is plenty of ease in the waist/hip area, so I may not have to worry about that at all.

The other difference is the fabric.  I usually look best in a thin, drapey fabric.  This jacket will be made out of an unusual cotton double knit I got from Emma One Sock.  It is a double-sided knit; one side is a gray, heathered solid and the other side is a creamy-white and gray print (sort of a small houndstooth, but not really).

Here are the two fabrics for the project.  On the left is a gray, stretch wool for the pants.  The two on the right are both sides of the cotton double knit I will use for the jacket.  The side I call “houndstooth” and the side I call “heathered solid”.

Marcy shows the latest jacket she made from this pattern in “Marcy’s Closet” on her blog.  Here it is:

I intend to play with the fabric, alternating the sides to come up with a similar effect.

This is my last week of freedom before I have surgery on my foot.  I don’t know when or if I will be able to sew for awhile, since the foot needs to be elevated for about two weeks after surgery. But, you can bet I will do everything in my power to make sewing a priority, especially, since I have this project in mind. Right now, I have visions of me sitting at the sewing machine, legs splayed, one foot on the peddle and the other propped on a pillow sitting atop a chair. Nice visual, huh? I hope it works.


5 Responses to “Chado Ralph Rucci and Marcy Tilton?”

  1. Stash October 25, 2010 at 12:29 PM #

    I will be thinking of you with your foot propped up. Hope they do the left one first so you can run the pedal more easily? And, I hope they are extremely kind to you and let you have whatever pain remedy you need and you are kept comfortable. 😉

    Love all the patterns and will anxiously await your finished pieces. I think your pants need a minor tweak only and they will be very nice. I still want to tackle that shirt. I LOVE that MT jacket too and need some double faced knit to do it. Yours will be lovely, no doubt and I see Shams is going to do it too. Yay! Much fun fashion to look at soon!

  2. Lisette October 25, 2010 at 4:18 AM #

    Good Luck with your surgery! Loving your pictures of Italy, More Please!

  3. Sue October 24, 2010 at 10:03 PM #

    Yes, I have the Marcy Tilton pattern, it is really nice. Best wishes that everything goes well with your foot surgery and that the ‘foot on pillow’ trick works for you!

  4. NancyDaQ October 24, 2010 at 4:19 PM #

    I, too, loved the Rucci pants and bought the pattern for them. I also got the Marcy Tilton pattern and I think you’re right about the fit on the model. It’s terrible.

  5. Shams October 24, 2010 at 10:46 AM #

    I plan to make that Tilton jacket too. I look forward to seeing yours. 🙂

    Good luck with the foot surgery!

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