Last Minute Travel Wardrobe Additions

25 Sep

I am really thrilled with this project.  I’ve had The Sewing Workshop Valencia pattern for a long time, and made the pants several times, even modifying them to have a zipper.  I really like these pants.

On the other hand, I’ve been very leery of making the jacket.  It’s everything I usually don’t like in a jacket.  It has drop shoulders (not good on my narrow frame), wide sleeves, and just lots of material everywhere.  This kind of jacket usually makes me look like a Mini-Me version of myself.  Here’s the TSW picture of the jacket:

Here is my version with some modifications:

Let me just say that I love this cardigan (yes, I used a sweater knit).  I really needed a heavy cardigan for the trip to wear in the evening.  I just couldn’t come up with the right pattern.  I wanted an Eileen Fisher-type cardi and the more I looked at this pattern, the more I thought it might work.

I had to make some modifications because I used a sweater knit.  I didn’t use the facings.  This is what the inside looked like after I sewed the back to the front without facings:

The crazy thing about this jacket is that the “lapel” on the front is not a separate piece.  It is actually a part of the front and goes all the way around to the back to make a collar.  Because it was so unorthodox, I got really confused about how to attach the front to the back.  I had it upside down and inside out several times before I finally got it right.

The other modification was to finish the hems and the center fronts with the serger (no turned up hem).  Here is a another picture:

Here I’ve included one of two infinity scarves I made.  But more on that (including instructions) tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Last Minute Travel Wardrobe Additions”

  1. KathleenB October 29, 2010 at 8:35 AM #

    Thanks, Janis. I have a sweater/fleece knit, flat camel on one side, brushed charcoal on the other, that may be fun in this pattern: xs for sure! Is that a shoulder stay tape I see in your photo?

  2. KathleenB September 26, 2010 at 10:32 PM #

    Lovely, Janis! When do we get to see you model? I’m attracted to the SW patterns, but so leery of the oversized fit….

    • Janis September 27, 2010 at 5:07 AM #

      Thanks, Kathleen. I made this cardigan in the x-small size. I would normally wear a small through the shoulders and then a medium through the bust/waist/hip area. The extra small fits well everywhere. It is a bit of an oversized look, even in the x-small.

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