I Finally Have An “Outfit”

1 Mar

Do people use the term “outfit” anymore? It seems to me that the younger set works very hard at making sure things don’t match rather than match. So for all of the folks of a certain age, I finally made an “outfit”. Here it is:

The top is Vogue 8616:

This top fits great without a full bust adjustment because it is one of those patterns that has sizing for an A, B, C, or D cup. I used a size 10 with a D cup front, and worked my way out to a size 12 from the armscye down. The original pattern called for gathering at the bust, but I didn’t like that at all. I trued the front sides to the back sides and sewed it together straight, without the gathers. The other adjustment I made was to the collar facing. If you fold the collar facing on the pattern fold line, it won’t lie flat. So, I made the back collar a little deeper so that it would.

This fabric is a poly knit and it is very slippery. I used Steam-a-Seam Lite on some of the seams, and lots of pins. The print of this fabric is on the diagonal. The pattern says, “DO NOT USE DIAGONAL PRINTS” or something of that sort. Lesson learned: You don’t always have to follow the pattern instructions. This is a real eye-opener for me, being the compliant girl that I am. I have ALWAYS been a pathetic instruction follower…but, no more! I didn’t like the bust gathers, so I didn’t use them. I did like the diagonal print, so I used it. More power to me!!!

Notice that the sleeves are not on the diagonal because I cut them on the bias, as per Pam Erny’s suggestion with this fabric (see previous entry). I really like the way that breaks up the diagonal line.

The pants are my attempt at being artsy/funky. They are Vogue 8561 (Marcy Tilton).

I wanted these pants to look just like the picture. They don’t unless you make some adjustments. I took in 1 inch on each side seam from the hip to about 2 inches from the bottom band. Then I tapered off about a half-inch more from there through the band. Otherwise, the pants would have been forever known as Janis’ balloon pants, or perhaps Janis’ clown pants. As it is, they are a little silly, but fun to wear just the same.

Next up: A Hot Patterns knit dress. I’m on a roll!


2 Responses to “I Finally Have An “Outfit””

  1. Terri K March 1, 2010 at 6:51 PM #

    Jan – Love the total look and style. Keep sewing those great outfits! You look fabulous — better than most 20-somethings I’ve seen.

    • Janis March 1, 2010 at 8:09 PM #

      Thanks, Terri. I trust your taste and style completely. I guess I can wear this outfit again.

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